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Welcome to Plumtree Consultants

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Starting Point

Plumtree Consultants was founded in 2021 as a private investment fund and management consultancy.


The primary activity is the £15m fund specialising in a broad spectrum of publicly traded companies, plus early and transformational investments in companies that have the potential to do great things.

The consultancy arm focuses on supporting organisations and private equity in delivering high growth strategies through a combination of organic and M&A activity. Particular areas of expertise include post acquisition integration and organisational management in high change environments.

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Plumtree Consultants Ethos and Values


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Investment in an organisation carries a responsibility. Every company needs to answer the basic question... are they contributing to this World in a positive way?

Quite simply, the answer has to be a resounding yes, or Plumtree will not invest. All companies should have a strategy that is enhancing to all stakeholders, whether that be customers, employees, suppliers, or society.

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People Focused

Without exemption Plumtree believes people are the most important asset of any company. This should not be written in brochures, but evident in the culture everyday.

Plumtree will only invest if people are placed as a priority, unless there is a real desire for the organisation to train, empower, and inspire.

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Long Term

Sustainable, powerful, and positive growth takes time; therefore investments require the same approach. Plumtree are proud to partner organisations for the medium term, with an average 3 year cycle.

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Barnaby Kent


Investment Fund Manager / Former COO of global software company / NED at two LSE listed companies / Board Trustee to leading educational provider / Mentor  / Private Equity Consultant.... and a part time blogger...

Over 20+ years experience in high growth technology organisations, and 10 years in hyper growth M&A on the London Stock Exchange.

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Woodview Farm, Landmere Lane, Ruddington
Nottingham NG11 6ND

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